Unclassified Spingomonadaceae

Unclassified Spingomonadaceae

Where we found it: On a stadium seat sample from Niedermeyer Field collected by the Pop Warner Coronado cheerleaders (San Diego, CA)

Why it's awesome: After preliminary examination at UC Davis, this bacteria appears to be an entirely new species, maybe even a new genus!

Fun fact: No idea… yet! All we know so far is that it’s in the Spingomonadaceae family… (that’s like saying in plants we don’t know if it’s a tomato, potato, chili pepper or tobacco)

Regular Season Stats

Growth Days

Time to saturation: NOTE: This microbe doesn’t appear to grow in this assay on earth, but it’s so cool that we’re going to send it to space anyway… maybe it’ll grow there!

Time to exponential growth:

Growth density:

Description: Mostly unknown, appears brown, prefers growth at lower temperatures. Details TBA

Originally isolated from: See above (2013)